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No one likes to deal with clogged toilet, let alone go without facilities for more than a few hours. These types of plumbing problems require fast, proficient plumbers to make sure a minor annoyance doesn’t turn into a health hazard. At Summit Plumbing, we understand how a clogged pipe can ruin your day, which is why we provide quick and friendly service for Vancouver residents.

Drain cleaning with store-bought chemicals only causes more buildup in your pipes. This is a deceptively simple solution to a messy problem. We guarantee that our fast and friendly plumbers will consider the whole piping system — ensuring your toilet runs smoothly for the long-term.

Don’t Let a Minor Toilet Backup Spill Over into a Major Mess!

A working toilet is essential to being comfortable in your home or office. When this often taken for granted fixture fails or malfunctions, it throws a massive wrench into your day. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do while you wait for one of our friendly plumbers to arrive.

How to stop a toilet clog from creating overflow

Do you have a good quality plunger? The best kinds have an extended rubber flange at the end that helps to create a better seal. Having one will at least get you past the initial diagnosis.

  • If a plunger isn’t the tool for the job, the secret to keeping your toilet from overflowing is to first close the flapper in the tank. This prevents more water from entering the bowl and potentially spilling over.
  • The second thing you’ll want to do is surround the base of the toilet with towels that you won’t mind getting dirty if fluids splash around. If you’re really worried, shut off the water valve.

Professional Plumbing Service is the Best Way to Clear Blocked Drains

Small drain problems can snowball into complete clogs which tend to occur too far down the pipes to fix with basic methods. These clog can cause weakness in the pipes, causing them to crack and break eventually. If these clogs are ignored for too long, it can lead to some costly repairs or replacements.

Try to avoid pouring harmful chemicals down the drain. Not only are these toxic and bad for the environment, they can erode your pipes over time. Call Summit Plumbing for safe, professional drain cleaning service and clear blocked drains the right way. We use knowledge and materials that won’t damage your pipes or cause health risks including snaking and jetting.

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Our team of plumbers will help you solve your initial drain issues as well as offer advice on how to keep your pipes free of debris with simple maintenance. Whether you live in a beautiful riverfront home on the Old Evergreen Highway or a tiny apartment on Fourth Plain, no one is above being affected by toilet backups! Call us for fast, local service today.