Drain Cleaning Vancouver, WA

Drain Cleaning Vancouver, WA

Drain Cleaning: Keep Those Pipes Happy!

Your drains are an important part of your plumbing system. Drains are necessary for many of your daily activities, including cooking, cleaning, and various other tasks. That is why everything stops when you need drain cleaning. Summit Plumbing LLC is your expert drain cleaner in Vancouver.

How to keep bathroom and kitchen drains clean and clear

Soaps, grease, and food particles get stuck on the inner walls of your kitchen drain pipes. Over time, this causes backups. Hair, toothpaste, wipes, and other substances that don’t break down easily will also eventually cause a drain stoppage.

When drains get clogged or are otherwise damaged, your plumbing system will suffer for it. You could end up with far more damage if you do not take the necessary steps to getting your drain cleaning done.

Here are few tips to keep your drains flowing between our professional preventative maintenance visits:

  1. Place a catcher or strainer in the drain opening in your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and tub. This will work miracles in keeping your drains from clogging.
  2. Use 1-ply toilet paper and avoid flushing wet wipes. Two-ply TP and moist towelettes can be very destructive to both septic systems and sewer pipes.
  3. Regularly clean hair from sink drains. It sounds icky, but a sink that won’t drain is icky-er! Use latex gloves and a long, skinny brush to pull hard-to-reach clumps out.

For the best drain cleaning,  get in touch with Summit Plumbing. No matter the severity of the drain problem, the experts at Summit Plumbing will get your Vancouver drains functioning properly once again.

Vancouver Drain Cleaning Professionals

Drain problems include complete clogs, broken pieces, and other issues. Complete clogs usually occur deep within the pipes, making them difficult to access. These clogs can create weak points in your pipes, causing them to crack and break in a short period of time. If no attention is paid to these clogs, you could be in for some expensive repairs and replacements.

At Summit Plumbing, we use the latest technology and materials to ensure your drains are completely cleaned out and prepared to last.

If regular drain cleaning has no effect, Summit plumbers make the necessary repairs and replacements to ensure that your plumbing system will remain in good condition for years.

Home drain problems North of Vancouver? We serve areas North of Clark County, too!

Our service area includes Cowlitz and Clark County, from the foothills of the gorgeous Silver Star Scenic Area to the shores of the Columbia River. Don’t hesitate to call us! We offer prompt service and convenient scheduling for our neighbors north of Lewis River Road!