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Plumbing Contractor in Vancouver WA by Summit Plumbing LLC

Leave the Leaks and Clogs to Us! Your Local Plumbing Contractor

Just like your car, plumbing systems require regular maintenance to ensure proper functioning. Likewise, most of us don’t think about plumbing until something stops working.

Ever get stuck taking a cold shower? Or notice sudden low water pressure from the faucet? Maybe the kitchen drain collected too many coffee grounds and despite your best plunging efforts, refuses to swallow any more water. Summit Plumbing LLC contractors have seen it all and are more than happy to offer their services no matter the scale.

Is it “One of Those Days”? We Offer Plumbing for Repairs That Can’t Wait

Plumbers at Summit Plumbing can arrive at your home or business any time if it’s an emergency situation. Contamination from backups and broken drain pipes are serious public health hazards, so don’t try to temporarily fix the problem yourself.

When you call, we will assess the situation and determine whether a service visit is necessary. If there is a major leak, we recommend shutting the main water valves off.

The top five urgent plumbing problems:

  1. Broken water lines
  2. Leaky water heaters
  3. Clogged toilet
  4. Burst pipes
  5. Backups in sewer systems


How to avoid a plumbing repair in the future

To avoid plumbing issues, make sure exterior pipes are properly insulated. If you’re not sure, talk to us about inspecting your system. Preventative maintenance can help you avoid problems later on. If sinks are draining slowly, water is pooling around the fixtures, or there is a foul odor coming from sink or tub drains, give us a call and we will help diagnose the problem. If toilets aren’t flushing properly, resist temporary solutions like using commercial drain cleaners — these can actually eat away at pipes, leaving you with a whole new problem.

Contractors for Drain Service, Leak Repair, or Pipe Replacement

Our contractors know all about tree roots that damage and break sewer lines. It’s not uncommon here in the Evergreen State. In addition to our drain and leak repair services, we provide efficient pipe replacement with no permanent damage to your property. Signs of a cracked or collapsed sewer pipe might be indicated by toilet gurgling, slow drainage, or sewer odors in the basement or exterior of the home.

We serve all of Vancouver, including Cowlitz County!

Live all the way out by Highway 504? Great! It’s beautiful out there! Give us a call — our service area includes all of Clark County, from the banks of the Columbia to Highway 503 near Lake Merwin.